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Nov 30, 2016

Six Expenses to Remember in December

~ by Personal Finance and Small Business Coach Greg Pare

Let’s face it.  Buying stuff in December is pretty fun.  Don’t let it be stressful by letting a few extra expenses sneak up on you.

Hopefully you’ve been saving all year for these and can really put year-end bonuses to good work like savings, investing or debt. 

Here’s a reminder of a few of the December expenses:

1. Christmas Shopping – Use any remaining Christmas budget to finish up (or start and finish) your shopping.  Carrying cash and sticking to a list stretches those Christmas dollars.

2. Extra Groceries – More time off equates to more meals at home not to mention the big Christmas day feast.  Pad your grocery or Christmas budget each year to accommodate.

3. Travel – Same goes for travel.  You’ll be making the rounds so allow for extra fuel and travel expenses.

4. Babysitting – You might be attending after hour work parties and gatherings that requires leaving the kids at home.  Allow for a few extra bucks for the babysitter.

5. Christmas Cards – Sure, the online cards are convenient, but a hand-written Christmas card is still nice to give and receive.  Don’t forget about the extra postage.

6. Year- End Fun – It’s the holidays and you might be invited to an extra meal out or two.  And of course, depending upon your traditions, a big New Year’s Eve might be in store as well!

Sure, you can have separate categories for all of the above, or simply add to your Christmas budget.  If you budget $600 for gifts for the year, your actual Christmas budget to include all of the following might look more like $1000, so budget accordingly.  Rather than set aside $50 each month starting in January, you might need to set aside $85 to include all of the items above.

Most of all, by PLANNING, this time of year SHOULDN’T create financial stress, and that’ll free up your emotions to enjoy the holiday season!