Our Industry Specialists include:

Jimmy Pendergrass, CPA
Tax Service Line Partner-in-Charge
Lubbock Office Partner-in-Charge

Cindy Bryan
Carlsbad Office Partner-in-Charge
Hobbs Office Partner-in-Charge

John Manganaro

Energy Sector

A select group of our professionals currently provide services to over 100 oil and gas related industry clients, especially small producers, working interest owners, and support services companies. This experience has made us extremely familiar with all of the nuances of oil and gas accounting, including:

  • Long lead times between initial investment and first production
  • Significant disconnect between the amount spent to explore for, evaluate and develop an oil or gas field and its value
  • Depletion, depreciation and amortization
  • Decommissioning and environmental provisions
  • Interests in joint ventures
  • Business combinations
  • Reserves reporting
  • Derivatives and commodity price risk
  • Segment reporting

Our professionals are practical, results-oriented and constantly on alert for opportunities to save you money, reduce your tax burden, and help you use your resources more effectively. Using a powerful combination of technical expertise, creative thinking and plain old business know-how, we offer practical, real world solutions.