Our Industry Specialists include:

Jack Kirkland, CPA
Clovis Office Partner-in-Charge

Michele Kirkland, CPA

Jimmy Pendergrass, CPA
Tax Service Line Partner-in-Charge
Lubbock Office Partner-in-Charge


Agriculture & Related Entities

Agriculture is a vital source of income for every nation. Nearly every industry in the country is directly or indirectly dependent on it. We currently provide services to over 200 agriculture related clients.

We develop creative solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. Here’s how we can help:

  • Create or modify the tax and financial structure of your business to ensure it is meeting your needs today and in the future
  • Evaluate new business opportunities, financing or investment alternatives
  • Facilitate strategic planning as well as management succession, estate planning and wealth transfer to help smooth the transition from one generation to the next

Let our family of genuine agriculture professionals offer creative solutions that enhance your family business, generation after generation.