2017 Core Builders Class

Join us for our Core Builders Class, a three-day workshop designed for attendees to learn the framework of business. The first session will be held in Albuquerque on October 23-25, and an identical session will be held in El Paso on November 6-8.

Working Smarter:  Small Business Trends You Need to Know Now

This series will be offered in each of our offices this fall, as well as through a webinar on November 10. It is a series of four mini-seminars designed to help small business owners learn how to more effectively market their business, gain a better understanding of cash flow, build or enhance a profit-sharing or retirement program, and stay compliant with HR regulations and best practices.

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Financial Coaching is About Teaching.

Are you ready to improve in the area of personal finances?
We can help!

You might be asking yourself these questions:

  • I make good money. Where does it all go?
  • How do I get my spouse or partner on the same page financially?
  • How do I build wealth?
  •  I am simply falling further behind each month. What do I do?
  •  How do I make a budget and stick to it?
  • I am a small business owner. Where is all my money?

We'll explore options and solutions with you. We won't beat you up for past mistakes, but will hold you accountable for future decisions.

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Our Team

Greg PareGreg Pare, Senior Personal Finance & Small Business Coach
Among other career successes, Greg built a multi-million dollar technology company from scratch, which he sold after 20 years of ownership. His careful management of both his company’s finances as well as his personal finances, together with his training qualifies him to coach others. He is passionate about helping people achieve financial peace in their lives.  

He co-founded, co-authored the Personal Finance Playbook series and now devotes his time encouraging others through coaching and speaking.


Enid Levario

Enid Levario, Master Financial Coach
From a very early age, Enid developed a knack for saving money.  That skill allowed her to amass a large savings account in her early 20’s.  Her personal good habits with money led her to the banking industry where her passion for helping others landed her in a regional bank as a customer service supervisor.  She brings that same desire to serve her coaching clients and help them develop good money habits.

She has a Business Administration Degree and has achieved the Master Financial Coach status. She continues to build her clientele through coaching and speaking.  Enid is 32 years old, single and resides in Lubbock, Texas.


John Manganaro, CPAJohn Manganaro, CPA, Master Financial Coach

Beginning with a single client in 1982 CPA John Manganaro built his sole practice into one of the largest CPA firms in the Southwest United States.  He has served on numerous professional organizational boards and committees.

Over his career he has trained hundreds of professionals including accountants and CPAs. He has lectured on personal finance, professional integrity and ethics, taxation and estate planning.  He brings that same expertise to his audiences and one-on-one coaching clients around the country.  John is married with two daughters and divides his time between New Mexico and Maine.